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 About Us

Blu 5 Engineering Ltd. is a privately-owned independent Canadian consulting company (incorporated in 2018) whose mission is to provide specialized, value-added integrity engineering solutions to North American companies. The Blu 5 team offers more than 300 years of combined experience. We help our clients to succeed in a highly-competitive world market. We serve the energy, petrochemicals, utilities, resources, and transportation sectors. We provide services in five broad practice areas as follows: 

1. Asset integrity management (pipelines and facilities)

2. Operational excellence and quality management

3. Materials, welding, and inspection engineering

4. Regulatory Compliance

5. Environmental Stewardship

To achieve this success, our client-focused values drive us to provide:

1. The right people

2. The right plan

3. The right timing

4. The right value and

5. The right solution

for every project that we undertake. The privilege of serving your needs will allow Blu 5 to become your trusted integrity engineering partner. We welcome your challenges.